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Ferguson Voices

Disrupting the frame with stories of action, courage, and transformation

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Greg Casem
Greg Casem
Greg CasemPolice Officer

I started bike patrol. I figured if we can get people, cops, on bikes and get 'em out of cars, the community would love that and it would be good for all of us. I believe in communicating, talking, and that has helped me through these last two years with the protestors and all that ‘cause I talk to them, you know?

But I tell our officers, you treat people fairly, and they'll treat you fairly.

So they would tell me problems, whether in their own home or outside of their home, because they felt comfortable. I don't want kids to be scared of me. I want families to approach me because there are problems that we can't see.

Now, we had an apartment complex years ago and it had a lot of troubled kids in there. I got to know the families, I got to know the parents, and I got to know their kids. I wanted to know them on a personal basis, not as a policeman and a citizen. More cops need to take them home, and sit down with the parents, and find out what the problem is here.

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