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Ferguson Voices

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Raychel Proudie
Raychel Proudie
Raychel ProudieResident and Teacher

My appreciation is for public service, so by no means am I an individual who hates the police. It's very hard working for an ingrate society. I've done it for almost a decade as a teacher.

But on the flip side of that understanding, my role as a public servant and what service means, if I'm serving you food, I can't tell you to get the fuck out the way like Darren Wilson did Michael Brown.

No one's talking about that. You get what I'm saying?

The attitude of service, I've learned that. So that's a preparation. Instead of telling you that I'm capable and qualified because I've got these degrees and all of that other stuff, understanding that service is not about what I can do for you but how I can help you and asking how may I help you, what can I do to help.

So the experiences in and of itself has changed my approach. I tell people, “I am not an activist. I'm a community servant.” And even with that there's a difference. One's a little bit more gratuitous in my opinion than the other. Above anything else, I'm here to serve because I’m capable, not to act because I can.

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