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Ferguson Voices

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Tory Russell
Tory Russell
Tory RussellOrganizer

I didn't know what to do so I tweeted out, you know, “Anybody wants some answers, meet me at Ferguson PD.”

I was mad. I just wanted some answers. The mother said something on TV. She said, “You know how hard it is for a black boy in St. Louis to graduate?” Now her hard work dead ends. So for me, that touched me. I just wanted to get her some answers for her son. Somebody was gonna answer for that.

When we went in, we asked questions and all we got was there was gonna be a press conference the next day. I was like, “Y'all expect me to get 400 years of answers in one night? Can't be done, but what I can do is promise you I'll be out here until we do get some answers.” And so I told everybody and said “There's a press conference at 10 a.m. tomorrow so at 9 a.m. bring lunch meat, bring water and bring somebody you love. We gon’ be out here everyday until they give us some answers.” I think about 8:30 when they seen the 500 people show up, and by the time of the press conference well over 1,000 people are outside and it kept growing. I knew we had something and I knew I couldn't go home.

I always, always wanna tell people, organize wherever you at. It's a point when you protest. It's a point where you an activist, and there's a point when you become an organizer, and there's a point when you can't go home no more.

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